Today I just wander around Google Analytics to check my blog’s visits count. I am so pleased to find that the visit counts keeps increasing. Below are some figures:

  1. Total Visits 616
  2. Unique Visitors: 555
  3. Pageviews: 793
  4. Pages / visit: 1.29
  5. % New Visits: 88.31%

Thanks to everyone who visited my blogs and made all those suggestive comments, such as Da. I will strive to write more valuable articles to keep my knowledge and help others. Hopefully, the return visits can grow more.

I happened to found that This particular article about AngularJS $httpBackend brought me 215 visits. I think that should be due to a patch I submitted to AngularJS in Github. How valuable for that patch!! I will try to contribute more to the opensource.

Personally, I need to thank Zach Lendon who has referred my blog in his article about ExtJS4 Ajax testing. His referral brought me 8 visits. I originally want to thank him in his blog but there is no comments enabled there. So here gives my sincere thanks too.

Do not ask but give. You will earn more. Thanks guys.