– Background:

    Majored in Information Engineering in College and dreamed to be a programmer in the future.  Don’t know why, but has this dream since high school.  Just know I want and have to do that.  Just like a destiny set in my mind by god, although I don’t believe him temporarily.  :P

– Real fate after graduation

    Joined CORE ( and have been a programmer for about one year.

    Really excited and happy to be one member of Dev team for our core product, iDEX.

    Faint right after getting an assignment of using JS DOM to implement client sorting of table from leader, Charles.  At that time, I knew nothing about HTML, JS, anything about web programming.

    Ecstatic after implementing it.  :D

    Stressful, confused, clearer, stressful, released, excited…  An endless cycle after getting spec and bugz.

– Sentiment:

    Very happy to have many opportunities to learn a lot about web programming, JAVA, XML, JS, HTML, etc.  And also have the chance to review bugz and perform QA Testing.

    Many thanks to all the colleagues (Jacky, Zee, Thomas, Sinba, Philip, Kenny, Tonny, Dan, etc.) that have helped me a lot and the leaders that have taught me a lot, like Charles, Alex, Ivy, CY, etc.

    It’s really difficult for me to express all my thanks to them for their willingness of sharing their knowledge and experience to me.  I feel that I am just in a warm and cozy family, but of course there is much pressure of growing up.  :P