– In SCB B2Bex UAT project

    User Acceptance Test for a big B2Bex project in Standard Charter Bank.  Luckily, I was ZH testing team lead responsible for UCA (User and Customer Administration) module.

    That was a really great experience to me because that was my:

    - 1st time involved in a complete UAT flow.

_    - 1st time to be a leader to communicate with other parties, to organize and distribute assignment to team members._

    **The experience of being a leader is a great treasure. **

    When I am only a member:

_    - Mostly think about what I should do, how I should do for it and when I should finish it and report status._

_    - Try to do everything by myself and do it well._

    While it would be a different case if the role is changed:

_    - To make decision on what members should do, who should do it, how they should do for it and when they should finish it.  The role of arrangement is taken up as leader._

    - The less leader do, the better.  Leader is not responsible to do everything, but to arrange properly.  That is learned from my leader.      After the role changes, sometimes I just can’t help to do everything and can’t dedicate some tasks to members while those should be, because I think that will be more effective if I do it myself.  Even I assign some of my work to my members, however I often expect them to do the job by the way I think is better.  This is what I still need to improve.

**    “Bonus” got from this project:**

**    **I feel very lucky to make many new friends: William, Jenny, Ming and Sze Wing.  Thanks for their help on my work, the snack they brought from HK, the preparation and guide for us on the HK trip.