Role changed:


I don’t remember the exact date when my role has changed to be a Manugistics Consultant.  Maybe there is no one because it changed gradually.  As we all know, many of the Corbians are of multi-tasking role.


Process - TOUGH:


Fighting against Schick alone, almost:


After backed from the wonderful trip in HK, a trip having delicious and dear food, exciting and horrifying games in Ocean Park, and wonderful sightseeing, I was nominated to be one of the key fighters against Schick Manugistics, although luckily with the help of other fighters, Connie and Sam.


Tough Fighting:


Reason 1: Superficial knowledge background in Manugistics


This is the main reason.  Roughly, the time I learned this system is only one and a half month.  I even don’t know how to use this system right after being assigned this task and classroom guide is still needed.  Don’t mention that the documents about the project background, design, implementation to read and the complexity of this powerful SCM system.


The questions from Schick are unpredictable (Of course, even idiot knows it) and spread around any modules and any functionalities in Manugistics.  The difficulty is I have to find out the relative pieces to gradually build up the whole picture for the immense puzzle of Manugistics.


It’s kind of weird that you have to do the support even if you don’t know anything about it.    It’s really difficult to feel confident about the words to say, the actions to take.  You know, you have to be responsible for them.


Reason 2: The rival and the missions are tough


This is the first time I have to fight against customer.  Before, as a programmer, I just need to fight against the bugs, enhancement.  Those things are dead, while the rivals now are the living creatures with great experience to fight against their customers.


Sometime, the tasks are not to resolve the problems that generate the problems that CR raised for, but to accept the causes and find out other solutions to fulfill the CR.  To fix the problems at the end of the flow, leaving the problems at the source, seems ridiculous.


Future - BRIGHT:


For Schick Project:


I can see some sunshine because I am more and more familiar with Manugistics although that is still limited AND the approach for the CR might be towards the expected and correct direction.


For me:


Although I am not sure whether I will mainly be a Manugistics consultant in the future or not (You know, sometimes that is decided by others), certainly I have learned and will learn much from this project till the end.


Hope for the Best!